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Spring Life Podcast

During the autumn term 2019 Spring Cottage Primary School were looking to develop our curriculum offer by creating real-life learning opportunities for our pupils.

Mr Jon Tucker, the ‘podfather,’ of Spring Cottage managed to secure funding to purchase an audio suite.

This audio suite could be used to record audio such as musical performances and concerts, but more importantly would allow pupils the opportunity to develop confidence, independence and have fun through podcasting.

The early days of the podcast at Spring Cottage demonstrated the power and potential this medium could create as episode 1 was listened to in the United States!

Each week new pupils host the podcast accompanied by a special guest, usually to talk around a current theme: the environment, keeping healthy…   The podcast also features, from time to time,  outstanding work or writing and latest news from the school. 

The advantages of podcasting is that the audience can listen anytime or anyplace, in the car at home or anywhere in the world. 

If you are interested in appearing on the Spring Life Podcast as a special guest around a specific theme we would love to hear from you. 

The podcast can be downloaded via Spotify or iTunes and therefore can be accessed anywhere in the world. To access our podcast through Spotify please click the link below: